If you need assistance with fair housing, mobility or disability rights, you’re in the right place

A narrow doorway, steep slopes, a lack of accessible parking, NO access at all or discriminated against in housing or the workplace due to a disability. Those are just a few examples of what you run across when you or someone you know has a disability… and that’s why AccessAmerica is here.

Inaccessibility and incidents of discrimination still exist, even though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990. If you’re experiencing a situation where your rights are being violated, you’re in the right place.

Services from grassroots to the courtroom offered free of charge

AccessAmerica relies on our “village” of volunteer advocates and professionals across the country to provide services and resources for the disabled. By working at both the grassroots level as well as the courtroom if necessary, we help ensure those with disabilities have access to the financial and legal assistance they need to exercise their rights under the law – in local communities, the workplace and the world at large.

Get Financial and Legal Assistance

The ADA removes barriers and empowers people. But its regulations can only be enforced if violations are brought to the enforcement department’s attention.

Taking action sometimes requires money and legal representation. However, many with disabilities don’t have those resources.

If lack of money or legal representation prevents you from acting on discrimination or rights violations, AccessAmerica can provide free financial assistance and help arrange competent legal representation. Depending on the situation and need, we can assemble a team of local advocates who focus on protecting your rights, improving your life and quickly getting you the resources you need.

We specialize in helping with:

To request assistance, all you have to do is call our toll-free hotline or fill out our online form. If you have them, it is helpful to include photos along with any specific details that will help our team understand the situation.

Submit your request today.

Our volunteers review each and every request and will respond to you within 7 days.

Help Create Global Awareness

Change only occurs through awareness. Unless you or someone close to you lives with a disability, it’s easy to take mobility and access for granted. By creating global awareness, everyone can become an advocate for improving quality of life for all because at some point each one of us will have a disability of some sort.

AccessAmerica is doing our part to educate the general public and the disability community of their constitutional rights, and empower individuals to take action when ADA violations occur, and civil liberties have been compromised.

We share information and resources via social media, public relations and our network of not-for-profit organizations.

Help us create global awareness by engaging with us and sharing what you learn on:

Connect With Low Vision Resources

We provide services and resources focused on low vision and blindness to break down barriers and improve life for people with sight challenges, and we’re proud of creating on of the top online communities of its kind.

Reporting and taking action in situations that violate the rights of those with low vision or blindness can require money and legal representation. However, many with sight challenges don’t have access to that type of help or the money to do so.

If lack of money or legal representation prevents you from acting on discrimination or rights violations, we provide free financial and competent legal assistance. Depending on the situation and need, AccessAmerica can form a team of local advocates and attorneys who can help protect your rights and quickly connect you with the resources you need.

Low vision resources help with:

Learn more

Volunteer for Our Accessibility Evaluators Program

Join our network of advocates that conducts field research and tests accessibility. Walk public spaces in a disabled person’s shoes. If you suspect ADA violations, documenting and reporting them makes communities accessible to all.

Anyone can do field research. Just think… Something you bring to our attention could be life changing for a person with a disability.

AccessAmerica field researchers keep an eye out for and report:

If you would like to become one of our field researchers, please contact us.

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