Independent Research Study Worth $50

If you have a physical disability and currently reside or occupy an apartment (defined as more than four individual housing units) you could earn a check for $50! AccessAmerica invites members of the disability community to participate in an independent Fair Housing and Accessibility Research Study. Interested candidates must complete… Independent Research Study Worth $50Read More

Fair and Accessible Housing

The situation: The Fair Housing Act (FHA) has required that that all new apartments be constructed with minimum accessibility standards. The FHA also requires reasonable accommodations be made to persons with disabilities upon request. This includes physical modifications to a unit, as well as making exceptions for guide dogs or… Fair and Accessible Housing – Read More

Rights violated? Discriminated against?

Report a clear or possible violation to us. Whether it occurred in the workplace, in public facility or in a housing situation, our mission is protecting the rights and opportunities for those with disabilities. From a phone call to assembling a legal team for representation, AccessAmerica has services and resources… Rights violated? Discriminated against?Read More