The situation:

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) has required that that all new apartments be constructed with minimum accessibility standards. The FHA also requires reasonable accommodations be made to persons with disabilities upon request. This includes physical modifications to a unit, as well as making exceptions for guide dogs or emotional support animals.

When the owner of an apartment building does not comply with FHA, leasing an apartment when you have a disability can be an unimaginable struggle. Many face issues such as getting in-and-out of the front door and parking the car. Even using the bathroom is a struggle when ADA violations are present. Suppose you found the ideal place to live and qualified for the lease, yet were deterred from living there because of a mobility, vision or hearing disability. If you or someone you love has a disability, these challenges are unfortunately a reality.

Our involvement:

Accessibility Testing Program: Since discrimination is sometimes hard to prove and ADA violations often go unreported, the importance of experienced field advocates and legal and resources for consumers cannot be underestimated. Our network of volunteers and professionals has allowed AccessAmerica to advance compliance, making fair and accessible housing more readily available to everyone.

Community Outreach: AccessAmerica is making it easier for those with limited mobility and blindness to find to find a place to live. Through our programs and committed volunteers, we work tirelessly to raise awareness, educate and enforce FHA and ADA compliance.

The result:

By reaching out to the community, educating the general public and forcing compliance, AccessAmerica is making strides in fair and accessible housing for those with disabilities.

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