If you have a physical disability and currently reside or occupy an apartment (defined as more than four individual housing units) you could earn a check for $50! AccessAmerica invites members of the disability community to participate in an independent Fair Housing and Accessibility Research Study. Interested candidates must complete an online survey
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The 6 Most Common Questions About Able Accounts

Since federal passage of the ABLE Act in 2014, our in-boxes have been full of questions and our newsfeeds overrun with information. From question like… “Who is eligible” to… “How do I participate” to… “Will I lose my disability benefits”… we’re here to answer your most frequently asked questions and tell
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Fair and Accessible Housing

The situation: The Fair Housing Act (FHA) has required that that all new apartments be constructed with minimum accessibility standards. The FHA also requires reasonable accommodations be made to persons with disabilities upon request. This includes physical modifications to a unit, as well as making exceptions for guide dogs or
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Encouraging Change For Good

If you are blind or have low vision and tried using an ATM just a few short years ago, there’s a good chance it was much more difficult than today. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, many bank ATMs remained non-compliant until recently. Prior to our involvement
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assistance program

Get Assistance Now

If money or legal representation prevents you from acting on discrimination or rights violations, this program provides free financial or legal assistance.
Our volunteers review each and every request and will respond to you within 7 days.

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creating global awareness

Creating Global Awareness

Change only occurs through awareness. Unless you or someone close to you lives with a disability, it’s easy to take mobility and access for granted. By creating global awareness, everyone can become an advocate for improving quality of life for all.

Change Creating Global Awareness
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Low Vision Resources

We break down barriers for people with sight challenges. This helpful, and even life-changing group offers resources and support, including advocacy, legal representation and financial assistance to those affected by low vision and blindness.

testing program

Accessibility Evaluators

Join our network of advocates that conducts field research and tests accessibility. Walk public spaces in a disabled person’s shoes. If you suspect ADA violations, documenting and reporting them helps make communities accessible to all.

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